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Muriel Wowser: Low Turnout Couldn’t Stop Bowser

Muriel Bowser’s overwhelming victory in Tuesday’s Democratic mayoral primary sealed a yearlong effort to persuade undecided voters that she was the most viable alternative to scandal-tinged Mayor Vince Gray. But on Election Day itself, she had trouble finding any of those voters.
In keeping with her campaign mantra of “All Eight Wards,” Bowser traveled across the city [...]

Ex-NBA Player Steve Francis Backs Muriel Bowser

While mayoral candidate Andy Shallal has been cruising the faculty lounge for endorsements, rival Muriel Bowser is taking it to the hoop. On Monday, Bowser's campaign will host a fundraiser headlined by ex-University of Maryland and Houston Rockets player Steve Francis.
Francis, who grew up in Takoma Park, hasn't been looking his best lately. Still, he promises to [...]