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D.C. Foe Andy Harris Has Two Primary Challengers

A meddlesome congressman may soon lose his seat.

Watch Paul Strauss’ Latest Celeb Statehood Video

Shadow senator Paul Strauss has been rounding up Hollywood celebs of varying levels of fame to shoot pro-District statehood ads, and now he's got another. After winning over Mario Van Peebles and Sex and the City husband Evan Handler, Strauss sends LL his newest spot featuring actress Alexis Carra.
Carra stars in freshman Wednesday night ABC hookup comedy Mixology, which [...]

Shadow Senator Pitches Entourage Actor and Other Celebs For Statehood

When the Entourage gang reunites for their movie, will District Shadow Senator Paul Strauss play the role of well-meaning but naive ingenue Vinnie Chase? Probably not, but Strauss got the next best thing last night: palling around with Entourage star Jeremy Piven in L.A. to support D.C. statehood.
Via surprising press release comes the news that Strauss and the Creative [...]

Shadow Rep. Nate Bennett-Fleming Announces At-Large Run

At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds just got her first opponent for 2014. Shadow representative Nate Bennett-Fleming says he's going to run for her seat, and he's already not pulling punches.
"I don't think she's built a significant record of accomplishment," Bennett-Fleming says of his opponent.
In contrast, Bennett-Fleming says, consider his work as the District's unpaid shadow rep. Bennett-Fleming's [...]

Statehood Rally Draws Politicians, Mic Fights

Saturday's pre-March on Washington statehood rally gave D.C. an opportunity to pitch politically active Americans on its continued disenfranchisement. The city's politicians, meanwhile, had their own opportunity to associate themselves with the least controversial issue in the District. Some superlatives:
Don't Fence Me In: In addition to his rally speech, Mayor Vince Gray also spoke to the much larger [...]

Mayor No Fan of DC Vote’s Name

Mayor Vince Gray has had enough with questions about the logistics of Saturday morning's statehood rally at the D.C. World War I Memorial. Will there be enough parking for seniors? Can the troubled fire department handle medical emergencies at the rally? Will people be able to find the site, tucked next to the National Mall's Reflecting Pool?
Don't [...]

Ralph Nader’s $11 Million Statehood Plan

Ralph Nader's latest career turn as a D.C. statehood activist hasn't been going so hot. His "limited general strike" for statehood—basically, showing up late for work—didn't take off, and his presidential debate on the state of New Columbia never happened.
"The apathy is so thick you can cut it," Nader tells LL.
Nader's not discouraged, though. He claims that [...]

Morning Links

Alleged straw donor Stanley Straughter set to plead guilty today. [WAMU]
Michael Brown "respectfully declined" to provide campaign finance disclosures. [Times]
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Oops: Police Activity Prevents Gray, Norton from Speaking At Convention Rally

A massive police shutdown outside the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., meant that Mayor Vince Gray and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton were unable to speak at a pro-D.C. budget autonomy rally today, according to D.C. Vote spokesman James Jones.
Gray and Norton were supposed to be the headlining speakers at today's rally, which Jones says [...]

Take My Statehood — Please!

Poor D.C.: It can’t get no respect in national politics.
The Republican Party, which is hosting its convention this week in Tampa, Fla., went out of its way to kick dirt in the District’s eye. The party’s platform committee wouldn’t even tolerate the vaguest hint of allowing D.C. to spend its own locally raised tax money [...]