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Gray’s State of the District: We’re Rich, Let’s Spend

Saying the District is "in danger of becoming a city of only haves," Mayor Vince Gray will announce a proposal to spend $100 million on building and preserving 10,000 affordable housing units in his yearly "State of the District" speech tonight.
Gray will also propose bringing back earmarks—sort of. According to an advance copy of his [...]

Gray Spox: $5,000 Speech a “Friggin’ Bargain”

Does Mayor Vince Gray really need to hire outside help to write a speech? The answer, according to the Gray administration, is yes.
Last night's State of the District address was crafted with the help Alan Hermesch, a former spokesman for Howard University. The city's contract with Hermesch is not to exceed $5,000, according to mayoral [...]

Loose Lips Daily: The $4,000 Speech Edition

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READ: Mayor Gray's State of District Speech

Mendo and VO Go At It Over Gas Bill

Good afternoon sweet readers! If LL's Bean [...]

Read Vince Gray’s State of the District Speech

Mayor Vince Gray is giving his State of the District address tonight at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue. LL won't be there (deadline beckons for this week's column), but Gray's office helpfully emailed out the advance text of the speech this afternoon, with an embargo until Gray started delivering it. Now that the speech [...]