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Muriel Bowser Goes All In on Stadium Deals For D.C. Teams

Before her term is up, Bowser aims to outdo all of her predecessors and add a whopping third stadium.

Poll: 49 Percent Support D.C. United Stadium Plan

How many people actually want to spend $150 million of city money on land and infrastructure for a D.C. United stadium at Buzzard Point? It's a question that's been surprisingly hard to figure out; a January Washington Post poll, which showed around 60 percent opposed to the plan, was criticized for its wording here and elsewhere.
With the [...]

Jack Evans Finds a Sporting Event He Doesn’t Like

In his 23 years on the D.C. Council, Ward 2 Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans has cemented his reputation as the body's most devoted sports booster. He's always trying to lure the Pigskins back to the District, and he was the one of the first councilmembers to sign on with to the D.C. United stadium plan.
But [...]

D.C. United Agreement Gives District a Cut of Stadium Profits

Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. United co-owner Jason Levien signed a term sheet today to build a D.C. United stadium in Buzzard Point. Here's what's in it.
The agreement includes an interesting wrinkle: profit-sharing for the District. If D.C. United makes more money on the stadium than it loses in a year and the [...]