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Michael Brown’s Magic Money

The next set of D.C. campaign finance reports are due in two days, and it looks like former Councilmember Michael Brown could be reporting a tidy haul.
Brown doesn't have a figure of how much he's raised immediately available, but he's been on a fundraising tear this last week.
Brown says he was in Los Angeles on [...]

The Weed Candidate

With few exceptions, D.C. politicians are dull. They have no flair for the dramatic, they are not highly quotable, they do not light up the room. It’s as if God allotted a set amount of personality for D.C. politicians, and Marion Barry used it all up.
The current crop of candidates for the at-large D.C. Council [...]

And Then There Were 8

The herd has thinned. Of the 20 people who picked up petitions to run in the April special at-large D.C. Council election, only eight candidates submitted the required 3,000 signatures by today's 5 p.m. deadline.
They are: Councilmember Anita Bonds, former Councilmember Michael Brown, Matthew Frumin, Patrick Mara, Perry Redd, John Settles, Elissa Silverman, and Paul [...]

Same as the Old Boss?

On a hot August day in 1990, Marion Barry addressed his supporters outside the Reeves Center, a day after he’d beaten most of the federal government’s case against him on drug and perjury charges. Then the mayor, Barry began his speech by thanking God and acknowledging the presence of three women who were central to [...]

Ward 5 Votes to Replace Harry Thomas Jr.

Ward 5 voters have a few hours left to get to the polls to pick a replacement for disgraced former Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., off to 38 months in federal prison soon for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from D.C. taxpayers. (Polls close at 8 p.m.)
Washington City Paper spoke to some voters in today's [...]

In Ward 5, Big Shoes to Fill?

These elections, they never end! On Tuesday, Ward 5 voters will pick a replacement for convicted felon Harry Thomas Jr., who was recently sentenced to more than three years in prison for stealing public funds.
Ward 5, long the backbone of the District’s black middle class, hasn’t seen such a wide-open race for its council seat [...]

Order on the Ballot

The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics Twitter feed was rocking this morning, with news of the drawing for ballot order for the April 26 special election for an At-Large D.C. Council seat. For the legions of you who are likely to turn out to vote , the candidates will appear in the following order:

Alan [...]