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Vince Gray Uses Marion Barry in D.C. United Fight, Then Thinks Better of It

Gray pulls Barry into soccer stadium debate.

Evans Wants D.C. United Hearing Recessed for World Cup Game

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans has caught World Cup fever.
In a letter today to D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, Evans asks Mendelson to recess a hearing on the proposed D.C. United stadium set for later this month so soccer fans won't have to choose between testifying about the stadium and watching the U.S. play Germany in the final group stage game [...]

D.C. United Agreement Gives District a Cut of Stadium Profits

Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. United co-owner Jason Levien signed a term sheet today to build a D.C. United stadium in Buzzard Point. Here's what's in it.
The agreement includes an interesting wrinkle: profit-sharing for the District. If D.C. United makes more money on the stadium than it loses in a year and the [...]

MPD Headquarters, Park Building on Table for Stadium Swaps

Mayor Vince Gray signed a partnership deal today to build a soccer stadium for D.C. United at Buzzard Point, with the building expected to be finished in 2016. It's good that the city and the team have time, because the deal faces several big questions before any ribbons can be cut.
Can the city really keep [...]