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Metro Forgives District for the Shutdown

Remember the shutdown? Well, the most interesting part of Vince Gray's shutdown press conference in front of the Senate—at least before the mayor decided to go all Tareq and Michaele Salahi on Harry Reid—came when Gray revealed that, with the District's $74 million payment to Metro delayed, the transit agency planned on charging the city interest.
The interest would [...]

District Loses Millions in Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown over, the District has replenished the $144 million rainy day that kept the local government running while the feds were closed. One thing D.C. won't be able to make up for, though, is lost revenue from the shutdown.
"There is a significant impact for the city that we will never see again," [...]

D.C. Won’t Get Caught in Another Shutdown This Fiscal Year

The shutdown deal passed in Congress yesterday only keeps the federal government running until Jan. 15, meaning the country could be only three months away from another shutdown. A potential future shutdown then would be easier on the District, though, because, the deal includes a special provision to allow the District to spend its own funds [...]

Morning Links

Verizon Center ditches its contract with the fire department over ambulance breakdowns. [Times]
No lotto payments in D.C. until the shutdown is over. [Post
Judge tosses most of the school closures lawsuit. [Post
Legislation from Mayor Vince Gray would require some businesses to provide transit for employees. [WBJ]
Wilson students consider banning Pigskins apparel. [Post]
D.C. public schools teacher will teach without [...]

Vince Gray Won’t Break the Law to Keep District Open

Mayor Vince Gray will crash a Senate press conference to try to get money for the District during the shutdown. He'll tap the city's rainy day fund. But the one thing he won't do, he said yesterday, is break a law that's never been enforced.
Gray devoted part of his Thursday rally at Friendship Public Charter School to [...]

New D.C. Shutdown Plan: Take Budget Autonomy Early!

The District has been going through ideas to stay open during the government shutdown about as fast as it's going through its contingency fund.
First there was the "just stay open" plan, then the plan to declare all employees essential. Mayor Vince Gray settled on spending the city's $144 million contingency fund, which is legal because it [...]

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Vince Gray crashes Harry Reid's press conference, Reid tells him "Don't screw this up." [WAMU, LL, Post, Times]
Quick, while the feds are distracted, let's take back the parks. [Housing Complex]
City has "7 to 10" days left, according to Gray. [WBJ]
Phil Mendelson and officials from Montgomery and Prince George's County propose minimum wage increase to 2016 for $11.50. [Post]
The [...]

Fantastic Plastic

Harry Sewell lived well in the summer of 2008. He’d already spent $5,653.70 earlier that year on a four night stay in a La Jolla, Calif., resort, but his trips to Miami rivaled even that. In one memorable trip, Sewell, the executive director of the D.C. Housing Finance Agency, spent $1,774.23 at world-famous sushi restaurant [...]

Vince Gray: Bring Me Obama!

The federal shutdown has had an unusually small impact on the District's local government, thanks to Mayor Vince Gray's decision to fund operations out of city's $144 million rainy day fund. The city has even been filling in for the feds in some places, but the fund's starting to run out. In a letter to President Barack [...]

Morning Links

House Democrats flip-flop on D.C. shutdown. [Post]
Charter school where officials allegedly siphoned funds lacked supplies for students. [Post]
D.C. Council committee approves David Catania's bill on social promotion in schools. [Post]
Police open new "tactical village" training facility. [NBC 4, Post]

CFO Natwar Gandhi upgrades city's revenue prediction. [Post]
House of Cards will get its motorcade after all. [Washingtonian]
Outgoing D.C. Chamber of Commerce head Barbara [...]