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What’s Up With Michael Brown’s Third Place At-Large D.C. Council Finish?

Which Michael Brown did you vote for?

Pete Ross’ Well-Funded Shadow Senate Bid Dissolves In Tax Strife

Launching his umpteenth run for shadow senator last August, furniture magnate Pete Ross told LL that he’d left his criminal past behind him. Specifically, that’d be the 2007 tax evasion conviction that got him three months in a halfway house. Getting busted for not paying his employment taxes, though, didn’t hinder his ability to blow [...]

Pete Ross Gets Something Else to Spend Money On

Furniture magnate and shadow senator candidate Pete Ross isn't afraid to spend his own money running for the little-recognized volunteer position. In his unsuccessful 2012 for office, Ross spent $202,000 of his own money, and he's already donated $60,000 to his 2014 bid to unseat shadow senator Paul Strauss.
Now Ross may have to reach into his pockets [...]