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Jeff Thompson Allegedly Funded Shadow Campaign Operation for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Campaign

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Shadow campaigns aren't just for local politicians anymore, according to today's guilty plea from street team operator Troy White. In U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia today, White said a man resembling embattled District campaign financier Jeff Thompson operated a shadow campaign-style effort to aid Hillary Clinton's 2008 run.
White's plea also points to [...]

Vernon Hawkins, Man of Many Budgets

At his plea hearing last week, shadow campaign operative Vernon Hawkins described how, with help from Jeanne Clarke Harris and alleged financier Jeff Thompson, he planned the budget for the off-the-books effort to elect Vince Gray as mayor. But that wasn't the only campaign budget Hawkins was shaping in the summer of 2010.
According to campaign [...]

Gray Mum on Vernon Hawkins’ Guilty Plea

Vernon Hawkins, a close pal of Mayor Vince Gray, is expected to plead guilty tomorrow morning to lying to federal investigators. With his friend in trouble for trying to convince an alleged shadow campaign worker to leave town, would Gray break his long-standing, self-imposed ban on talking about the investigation?
Nope. Gray declined to comment about [...]

Alleged Shadow Campaign Operative Vernon Hawkins Charged

Vernon Hawkins, a longtime friend of Mayor Vince Gray and an alleged operative for the 2010 shadow campaign, has been charged with lying to federal investigators.
According to charging documents, in Dec. 2011, Hawkins passed money to a caterer who had worked as transportation coordinator for the shadow campaign. The money, which Hawkins allegedly received from Jeff Thompson associate Jeanne Clarke [...]

Former Jeff Thompson Employee to Plead Guilty in Straw Donor Scheme

Add one more name to the federal investigation into alleged shadow campaign financier Jeffrey Thompson: Lee Calhoun. Calhoun, an employee of Thompson's former accounting firm, will plead guilty next week to a misdemeanor charge of making straw campaign donations, his attorney tells LL.
While an employee at Thompson's Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio, and Associates (renamed Bazilio Cobb [...]

District Seeking Up to $3.8 Million From Jeff Thompson

District officials want Jeff Thompson, the alleged shadow financier behind what federal prosecutors say was an illegal effort to get Mayor Vince Gray elected, to pay up to $3.8 million to the Medicaid managed care organization he owns that is currently under city control.
A newly released audit of Chartered Health Plan, the Thompson-owned Medicaid MCO [...]

Gray Campaign Projections Way Off East of the River

LL just received a batch of internal documents from Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign that show not even Gray's aides were expecting the high levels of support he got in some parts of the District for his successful bid to defeat former Mayor Adrian Fenty.
The campaign set a goal of winning 32,701 votes in Wards [...]

See Nothing, Say Nothing

Reporters can be an annoying bunch,and the Wilson Building press corps is no different. LL and his colleagues pester and hector Mayor Vince Gray at every turn for answers about the allegedly vast illegal shadow campaign federal prosecutors say helped him beat Adrian Fenty in the 2010 election, to no avail. Wanna know what Gray [...]

One City, Two Campaigns

The shadow campaign is finally out of the bag.
Ever since nuisance candidate Sulaimon Brown started snitching ’bout shenanigans in the 2010 mayoral primary more than a year ago, reporters, the D.C. Council, and the public have been trying to figure out what really happened in Mayor Vince Gray’s victory over Adrian Fenty.
This week, federal prosecutors [...]

The Thin Blue T-Shirt Line

As part of her guilty plea yesterday to campaign corruption charges, Jeanne Clarke Harris admitted that she helped funnel money to a $635,000 shadow campaign that helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election. The money was spent on, among other things, buying campaign materials like yard signs, door knockers, and T-shirts. In court records, [...]