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He Rests His Case: Ron Machen Resigns Without Charging Vince Gray

A year after Jeff Thompson's plea, it looks like Machen’s iceberg wasn't so big after all

Post: Gray Rejected Plea Deal in September

Vince Gray insists on his innocence, even as the feds offer a plea

Kelvin Robinson Admits Covering Up Jeff Thompson Shadow Campaign

Kelvin Robinson, a former D.C. Council candidate, pleaded guilty in Superior Court today to conspiring to conceal illegal shadow campaign help from Jeff Thompson in two 2010 races, according to a court docket.
Robinson, a former chief of staff for Mayor Tony Williams, was charged last month with covering up help from Thompson. Besides ex-Councilmember Michael Brown, he's [...]

Uncle Earl’s Least Favorite Nephew

After Jeff Thompson admitted to running multiple illegal election schemes Monday, District also-rans must have wondered what could have been had the shadow campaign impresario not been on their opponents' sides. And no one has been foiled by Thompson more often than frequent D.C. Council candidate Pat Mara, who twice  came in second to opponents who received shadow-campaign help.
In two [...]

A Look at the Cash That Jeff Thompson Gave to Other D.C. Politicians

The two conspiracy charges filed against alleged Vince Gray shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson today in federal court probably couldn't come at worse time for the mayor, who is running for re-election and has long denied any wrongdoing. In court today—just three weeks before the crowded, April 1 Democratic primary—prosecutors said that Gray knew about the illegal [...]

Swing Vote Wells Claims He Was “Duped” Over Jeff Thompson Payment

Ward 6 Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells says he thinks he was tricked into voting in favor of increasing reimbursement rates with a company run by alleged Vince Gray shadow campaign backer Jeff Thompson.
"I do feel duped," Wells told LL Wednesday. Wells, who provided the swing vote on the 7-6 Council decision to allocate $32 [...]

Campaign Finance Office Won’t Hand Over Gray 2010 Report

Well, it was worth a shot. Despite requests from At-Large Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Vincent Orange, the Office of Campaign Finance says it still won't publish the Vince Gray 2010 campaign audit that it finished in May 2012.
OCF finished a draft of the unreleased audit a year and a half ago, on May 15, 2012. But in a [...]

Vince Gray Doesn’t Remember When He Heard About the Shadow Campaign

Vince Gray is taking his own advice about moving on from the shadow campaign so seriously that he's already forgotten about how he found out about the illicit operation.
In an interview published today with the Washington Post's Mike DeBonis, Gray claims that he can't remember a reported conversation where campaign aide David Dzidzienyo told Gray that he was worried about Gray pal (and [...]

Candidate/Mayor Vince Gray on 2010 Campaign: “I’ve Said What I’ve Said”

A day after announcing plans to run for re-election, a testy Mayor Vince Gray repeatedly refused to answer any questions about his scandal-plagued 2010 campaign at a press briefing this morning, or even to point to specific policy accomplishments of his administration.
"I've said what I've said," Gray responded curtly to a question about his 2010 election [...]

Jeff Thompson Allegedly Funded Shadow Campaign Operation for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Campaign

This post has been updated
Shadow campaigns aren't just for local politicians anymore, according to today's guilty plea from street team operator Troy White. In U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia today, White said a man resembling embattled District campaign financier Jeff Thompson operated a shadow campaign-style effort to aid Hillary Clinton's 2008 run.
White's plea also points to [...]