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Will Vincent Orange Opponents Split The Vote?

Loose Lips headed to Busboys and Poets’ Brookland location Friday night, and he’s not even into vegan food. Instead, LL was drawn by the possibility that Andy Shallal—mogul of the restaurant chain, failed 2014 mayoral candidate, and occasional muse for lefty artists—would announce his run for a D.C. Council at-large seat.
About a dozen people who [...]

More Office-Seekers Consider Bowser’s Ward 4 Seat

More Ward 4 scuttlebutt

Sekou Biddle Becomes the Human Embodiment of Vote Splitting

Last month, LL wrote about Ward 1 challengers Bryan Weaver and Brianne Nadeau. They're at risk of creating yet another split election amongst the city's "progressive" voters, in part because of their similar platform (education; not being Jim Graham).
No one knows vote-splitting better than one-time Councilmember Sekou Biddle, who sliced and diced himself out of two At-Large elections, including [...]

LL Campaign Finance Round-Up: Everything Else

You've seen the hauls from last night's mayoral campaign disclosures. Here's what's going on money-wise further down the ballot.
Ward 1
Brianne Nadeau
Raised: $21,980.14. Spent: $10,592.32. Cash on hand: $46,163.86.
With eight months until the Democratic primary (or ten, if it's moved to June), Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham still hasn't declared whether he's running again. Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau, on [...]

Plurality Rules

One by one they came to celebrate at the Channel Inn, the Southwest waterfront hotel, restaurant, and bar whose glory days are long gone. Once a favorite hangout of Marion Barry, his mayoral administration’s insiders, and various hangers-on during the ’80s, the quirky joint will soon be torn down to make way for what seems [...]

Cash Is the Best?

Matthew Frumin knows a thing or two about long-shot political campaigns.
In the mid-’90s, his father tried to get him to run for Congress as a Democrat in a safely Republican district near Detroit.
Frumin begged off. An attorney with a young family living in D.C., Frumin didn’t want to move back to the city of his [...]

Which Former Councilmember Improperly Got Out of a Ticket?

It's a Thanksgiving mystery: An unnamed former D.C. councilmember managed to make a traffic ticket disappear even after the Department of Motor Vehicles had already denied his request to have the ticket dismissed, according to a new audit released by the city's inspector general.
In January 2011, the councilmember had his chief of staff send a [...]

Mr. Second Best

David Grosso has that look crazy people get when they’re absolutely convinced a miracle is about to happen. The expected miracle: Grosso will upset At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown in November’s election.
Conventional wisdom says the little-known Grosso, a vice president at a health insurance company and former council staffer, doesn’t have much of a chance. [...]

Contest: Name This Crew

LL needs help nicknaming the group of like-minded politicos who seem to be taking turns running unsuccessfully (so far) for office. The gang includes Sekou Biddle, David Grosso, Pat Mara, and Bryan Weaver.
Leave your suggestions in the comments. LL reserves the right to ignore them all.
Photos by Darrow Montgomery

Promises, Promises*

Remember when Bernard Demczuk, former aide to Marion Barry and longtime political fundraiser, said he'd had a road to Damascus moment and was swearing off big-money giving?
"Estimating conservatively, I have raised nearly a half a million dollars for D.C. mayors, D.C. Council members, members of Congress and nonprofits. My fundraising has given me [...]