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To the Losers Go the Spoils

It’s common practice in American politics to reward campaign workers on winning campaigns with government jobs in a new administration. “To the victor go the spoils,” as former Mayor for Life Marion Barry is fond of saying.
In most places, for the campaign workers on the losing team, it’s tough luck; their consolation prize is the [...]

You’re Hired, Again!

This post has been updated and modified to include comments from Lopez.
Josh Lopez, who was the Ward 4 coordinator for Mayor Adrian Fenty's failed re-election campaign, was hired last Monday (Sept. 27) to be a "program analyst" in the Office of the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Development, according to records obtained by LL from [...]

Fenty’s Rules to Live By

First rule of Fenty Club: You do not talk about Fenty Club.
Second rule of Fenty Club: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FENTY CLUB.
Okay, that's actually the second and fourth rule you'll have to agree to if you want to work on Hizonner's re-election campaign. And the rules are actually: "I will hold in confidence any [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Post Poll Spells Doom Edition

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Post Poll: Fenty is Toast
Questions for Gray
Early Voting Guide

Good morning, sweet readers! Did you remember to vote early and often today? When LL lived in a rural [...]

Independent Voter Fracas Heating Up

Hey Togo West, hope you're ready for a big ol' brawl.
Tomorrow Team Fenty and Team Gray will square off at the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics over whether or not the city's 72,000 registered independent voters should be able to vote in the Democratic primary next month.
Team Fenty says yes. "We really want to [...]