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Activist Judged: Eugene Puryear Reinvents Himself As One of the Mayor’s Newest Foes

Whether the communities that Puryear purports to help actually want the assistance, however, remains to be seen.

Ward 8 Candidate Is So “WardEight,” That’s His Name on the Ballot

Trayon "WardEight" White wants to represent, well, you can guess which ward.

Bring the Campaign: Decades of District Politics, All in the Ward 8 Race

One race, a whole lot of candidates

Candidates Declare for Ward 4, Ward 8 Seats

Ward 8 Democrats president, Bowser favorite declare for open seats

Bad Heir Day: Who Can Replace Marion Barry in Ward 8?

A dozen people or more could try to take Barry's seat

The Little-Known Election That’s About to Cost the District $300,000

Are you pumped for election day this Tuesday? LL’s not talking about the mayoral primary—that was in April. Or the general election, which is still four months from now. Instead, District voters will go to the polls next week to cast ballots for a special election for Ward 8’s seat on the State Board of [...]

A Deputy Mayor for East of the River? No Thanks, Say Some.

Muriel Bowser's proposal for a deputy mayor for east of the river issues sounds like the kind of good-government policy no one could disagree with. (Personally, LL will vote for whoever promises to appoint a Deputy Mayor for LL Affairs.) But the deputy mayor position is turning out to be surprisingly controversial.
Bowser's plan took attacks from [...]

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Barry Scorned

During the Ward 8 straw poll in March LL noticed Anthony Muhammad*, a longtime confidante of Mayor-for-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, campaigning for one of Barry's opponents, Sandra Seegars.
After chit-chatting about the race, LL asked Muhammad how Barry reacted when he found out Muhammed was backing one of his opponents. (Barry, if you didn't know, [...]

Subject: Barry v. Seegars

The Ward 8 D.C. Council campaign is playing out in the inboxes of several dozen reporters, editors, and D.C. government officials around town this afternoon.
Challenger Sandra "S.S." Seegars blasted a complaint about yard signs for incumbent Marion Barry around by email to more than 60 people at 3:13 p.m., forwarding along a message she had [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Home Front Edition

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An Honorable Graham
When it Rains, It Pours

Good morning sweet readers! It's Thursday? Already?! Well, you know this means that another edition of Washington City Paper is [...]