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Morning Links

Mayoral hopefuls pick their office locations with a purpose. [Post]
Vince Gray, snow mayor. [Post]
Peaceoholics' Ron Moten wants to depose Gray over lawsuit. [LL]
Teacher's union files a grievance over evaluations. [Post]
Food deserts, meet bike deserts. [Post]
The San Francisco Chronicle covers D.C.'s San Francisco anxiety. [San Francisco Chronicle]
Cold could affect March for Life. [Times]
Double homicide near Howard. [Post]
Homeless families seek shelter [...]

Ron Moten: Bring Me Vince Gray

Embattled go-go impresario and Adrian Fenty BFF Ron Moten wants to call a surprise witness in his legal battle with the District: Vince Gray himself.
Moten, whose Peaceoholics group is accused of misusing grant money intended for anti-violence work, says only Gray can explain the motivations behind the attorney general's lawsuit.
The official motivations aren't hard to puzzle out—Moten's accused of signing bogus [...]

Morning Links

Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe denies grabbing a firefighter's phone. [Post, LL]
The aggrieved firefighter files a police report anyway, saying Ellerbe hurt his hand. [Post]
Gray administration likes DDOT's decision on the M Street NW bike lane. [WAMU]
D.C. looks for an architect for Martin Luther King Jr. Library. [Post]
Courtland Milloy writes about Ron Moten's new book: "What kind of street dude [...]

Ron Moten vs. Irv Nathan

Between the council meeting and Keely Thompson's plea, LL didn't have time yesterday to get to the surprise guest at Tuesday's panel on the attorney general election: Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten
Most people facing a lawsuit from the District over bogus non-profit tax forms and luxury SUVs might decide to lie low. Instead, Moten used the [...]

D.C. Sues Peaceoholics Over Luxury SUVs, Salaries

The District government, which gave gang intervention group Peaceoholics more than $5 million in anti-violence grants during ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration, sued the group today for allegedly submitting a falsified grant application in 2009.
Attorney General Irv Nathan's lawsuit against Peaceoholics and co-founders Jauhar Abraham and Ron Moten accuses the two of understating how much they received [...]

Payback is a Hitch

Elections have consequences. For Keith Forney, the 2010 election had $703,083 worth of consequences, to be precise.
Forney was the general contractor who built the Deanwood Recreation Center, a glitzy 63,000-square-foot behemoth that boasts a swimming pool, basketball gym, and library. The center, completed in midsummer 2010, was one of the crown jewels of Mayor Adrian [...]

Where are the At-Large Poll Workers?

Where are the at-large poll workers?
LL has just been on a tour of some of the bigger-turnout precincts east of the Anacostia River and couldn't help but notice the dearth of campaign workers for any at-large D.C. Council candidates.
At two large precincts in Congress Heights, only A.J. Cooper had a poll worker. An AFSCME union [...]

Ron Moten Issues New Attack Song

As promised, Ward 7 challenger Ron Moten has issued a new song attacking his opponent, Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander.
Take a listen:

Ron Moten Launches Attack Ad

When Ron Moten announced he was running for the Ward 7 D.C. Council seat, the city's body politic began waiting patiently for some Web-based campaign videos. It was Moten, after all, who was behind the the classic "Don't Leave Us Fenty" music video that is probably the best thing Adrian Fenty has to show for [...]

Yvette Alexander: For $1,000 Speed Camera Tickets

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander said today at a radio debate that she's so pro-speed cameras that she wouldn't mind seeing the already-high fines raised a little, or even a lot.
"It could be a thousand dollars, I don't care," said Alexander, who says she's seen firsthand the death and destruction wrought by speeders.
That does not [...]