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District Settles Peaceoholics Lawsuit

Moten swears off politics

Activist Judged: Eugene Puryear Reinvents Himself As One of the Mayor’s Newest Foes

Whether the communities that Puryear purports to help actually want the assistance, however, remains to be seen.

Ron Moten Sues David Catania for Defamation (As Promised)

He did warn him.

Ron Moten Video: “Catania Got Too Many Mood Swings”

"Vote for Bowser this Tuesday, Catania got too many mood swings."

Ron Moten Wants David Catania to Apologize

The Peaceoholics co-founder says the mayoral candidate dragged him into a feud he doesn't belong in.

Councilmembers Could Be Called to Testify at Peaceoholics Trial

Jim Graham, Jack Evans, and Marion Barry to the stand!

Peaceoholics Co-Founder and “Community Hero” Ron Moten Crowdsources His Legal Fees

A week after fellow Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham and their non-violence group were slapped with a $638,389 judgment in court, activist and Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten is raising money for his own legal fight with a crowdfunding campaign that declares him a "community hero."
There was once a time when Moten wouldn't have to hit up people on crowdfunding website Crowdtilt for [...]

Ron Moten Drops Vince Gray Diss Track With a Vince Gray Lookalike

Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten was the mastermind behind 2010's surprisingly catchy Green Team anthem "Don't Leave Us Fenty," and now he's back with an homage aimed right at the scandal surrounding Vince Gray, featuring Backyard Band singer Weensey just like the last campaign's song did.
The video for the tune opens with a Gray lookalike reenacting the alleged 2010 conversation [...]

Morning Links

Former Google exec Harry Wingo will replace Barbara Lang as head of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce. [WBJ]
Andy Shallal's education white paper blames standardized testing focus for "war on teachers."
Mayoral hopefuls warn ministers about "war on churches," promise more parking. [LL, Post]
Post ed board cautiously backs "ban the box" bill to help ex-offenders get jobs. [Post]
Vince Gray campaign trashes Post for article [...]

Finally, A Ron Moten Song for the 2014 Election

Peaceoholics co-founder and Adrian Fenty diehard Ron Moten made the 2010 mayoral election catchier than it had any right to be with "U Fenty, Huh?" and "Don't Leave Us Fenty."Despite an abiding feud with incumbent Vince Gray, Moten hadn't released a similar song for the new election cycle—until today.
Moten's "We're Coming Out," a riff on Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out," is [...]