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Hey, Data Data: MPD Database Fail Could Have Affected Dozens of Criminal Cases

A police database failure kept key information from defenders and jeopardized a yet-to-be-determined number of criminal cases.

Vince Gray: “I Wish That This Were Over With”

Ex-mayor talks Machen

He Rests His Case: Ron Machen Resigns Without Charging Vince Gray

A year after Jeff Thompson's plea, it looks like Machen’s iceberg wasn't so big after all

Flawed MPD Database Triggers Massive Review of Criminal Cases

A major database problem could go back years.

Ron Machen Resigns Without Getting His Man

Vince Gray outlasts the now-departing U.S. Attorney

Federal Prosecutors Are Still Taking Their Time with Jeff Thompson

The federal investigation plods along

Dancing Councilmembers Figure in Harry Thomas Jr. Associate’s Trial

Dancing isn't a crime. But funding it might be.

Kwame Brown’s Back, So Read His FBI File

How the feds took down "Fully Loaded."

Loose Lips Quotes of 2014: Ron Machen

Ron Machen promised more revelations. So where are they?

What Will D.C. Politics Have in Store in 2015?

New mayor, new Council, new year.