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Former Taxi Commission Chairman Ron Linton Dies at 86

Linton pushed taxi modernization

Morning Links

Vince Gray announces $187 million for affordable housing. [Housing Complex, Post]
WCP's People Issue is here! Featuring taxi commish Ron Linton and councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie and David Grosso. [WCP]
Ron Machen won't be rushed. [LL, Post]
Fire department could encrypt some transmissions. [LL, Post, WAMU]
Gray says planning commission's rejection of Height Act changes was "disappointing." [WBJ]
D.C. still wants some control over building height. [Housing Complex]
Prosecutors want company [...]

D.C. Taxi Regulations: The Movie

At last, via the libertarians at Reason, the intermittent regulatory fight over luxury sedan service Uber has been immortalized in a short documentary. In case your tolerance for local politics filtered through Milton Friedman isn't as high as LL's, the highlights are below:
0:07:  Jim Graham opens Uber Wars by giving Uber CEO Travis Kalanick the bureaucratic equivalent of this famous scene from [...]

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Mayor Vince Gray signs a deal committing the biggest D.C. United stadium projects to unions. [WAMU]
Marijuana decriminalization could mean increased revenue from fines. [Times]
Donald Trump unveils his Old Post Office plan. [WBJ]
Trump meets the D.C. Council: "This is the power." [Housing Complex]
Marion Barry and the Donald get close. [City Desk]
Taxi commish Ron Linton thinks the FTC is giving him a "direct [...]

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Mayor Vince Gray will get the living wage bill to sign or veto by Friday, according to Phil Mendelson. [Post]
Fire department ditches cross-training recommended after the death of reporter David Rosenbaum. [Times]
Fire chief says the department has "turned a corner." [Post]
Police change stop-and-frisk rules. [WAMU]
Mary Cheh promises legislation to set aside taxi regs and make Uber's UberX legal. [WAMU]
Taxi commission [...]

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On the anniversary of his resignation, D.C. Council says it's over Kwame Brown. [Examiner]
Fire burns down Capitol Hill's Frager's Hardware. [WTOP]
Council bill that would make it easier for transgender people to change their birth certificates clears committee. [WAMU]
Better meters mean fewer parking tickets in D.C. [Post]

Loose Lips Daily: Get Off My Lawn Edition

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What is ORGANIZATION #3 in the HTJ Court Records?
Feds Charge Harry Thomas Jr. Associate
HTJ: The [...]

Taxicab Color: Does it Matter?

What is the big deal about D.C. having multicolored taxis?
The taxi-medallion legislation introduced earlier this year would require that all cabs be painted black. Now Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells just asked new D.C. Taxicab Commission Commissioner Ron Linton about the possibility of requiring a uniform cab color.
Linton said he's well aware that the [...]