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Muriel Bowser Has Twice as Much Campaign Cash as David Catania

The first campaign finance numbers since April's primary came out last night, and they look very cozy for Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser. Coasting on a post-primary victory surge, Bowser both outraised Catania and ended the March 11 to June 10 reporting period with twice her opponent's cash on hand.
(New mayoral candidate Carol Schwartz hasn't registered yet with the Office of Campaign Finance [...]

Yvette Alexander Throws a Deep-Pocketed Fundraiser for Gray

Heads up to city bigwigs hoping to hop aboard the Vince Gray Reelection Train: you'll want to get your checkbooks ready for Jan. 29. That's the day Ward 7 Councilmember and Gray backer Yvette Alexander is throwing a fundraiser for for the mayor, themed around his shutdown policy that "everyone is essential."
Of course, for a campaign that's reportedly trying [...]

Vince Gray Proposes CBE Reform, Again

Mayor Vince Gray is taking another shot at the city's Certified Business Enterprise system. The first time he tried to tackle the troubled contracting program, he ended up vetoing the resulting bill a few months later. Today, Gray tried again, releasing proposed legislation from a task force of "prominent business leaders."
You can read the full [...]

Gray Asks Foxes to Arrange CBE Henhouse

Mayor Vince Gray has been seeking reforms to the embattled Certified Business Enterprise program for nearly nine months now and so far has precious little to show for it.
The beefed-up enforcement of CBE rules and regulations by the Department of Small and Local Business Development that Gray announced in October? The department is still staffing [...]

Mayor to Try Again With Water Board Nominee

Mayor Vince Gray is set to push, again, for lobbyist Rod Woodson to join the influential D.C. water board of directors, according to city sources.
Gray nominated Woodson to the post last year, but that effort was derailed by potential conflict of interest issues and opposition from labor groups. Woodson works at the firm Holland & [...]

Gray Facing Another Showdown With Labor Over Board Pick

A few months ago, Mayor Vince Gray nominated his good pal Rod Woodson for the city's water board. Labor groups, unhappy with the Holland & Knight lobbyist's opposition to the city's First Source law, torpedoed that nomination in short order.
Now labor is gearing up to challenge the mayor's selection of another close friend for another board. Gray [...]

Jeff Thompson Part of Small Group That Gave to Gray’s Cousin

Jeff Thompson, the D.C. Medicaid contractor who allegedly funded a $650,000 illegal shadow campaign and gave more than $40,000 in straw donations to help get Vince Gray elected mayor in 2010, was part of a small group of Gray associates who donated to a Maryland campaign by the mayor's cousin.
In late 2007, Maryland Del. Jim [...]

Wells Says No to Water Board Pick

Ward 6 Councilmartyr and almost mayoral candidate Saint Tommy Wells says he'll be voting against lobbyist Rod Woodson's nomination to the D.C. Water board of directors.
The move isn't much of a surprise, as Wells put a delay on Woodson's nomination late last month over concerns about a potential conflict of interest stemming from Woodson's representation of [...]

Labor Gearing Up to Oppose Gray Water Pick

Organized labor groups are gearing up to oppose Mayor Vince Gray's decision to put one of his favorite lobbyists, Rod Woodson, on the D.C. Water board of directors, according to city and union officials.
Yesterday, Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells put the brakes on Woodson's nomination, over potential conflict-of-interest concerns stemming from Woodson's work on [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Brown Needs to Transition Too Edition

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Gray Camp: Now Hiring

Hey, You Should Run for Council

Good morning sweet readers! Boy, did it ever get dark [...]