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Robert White: Vincent Orange’s “Time Has Come and Gone”

Robert White? More like Robert Fight

Auld Lang Sigh: What Will D.C. Politics Hold in 2016?

Predictions for Bowser, Gray, Lanier, the D.C. Council, Donald Trump, and more

Campaign Finance Round-Up: Orange, Garber Lead At-Large Race Totals

Orange has a haul, but so does Garber

The Ethics Board Has Bad News for Robert White

BEGA complicates Robert White's life

Robert White Makes At-Large Run Official, Sort Of

He's back! Probably.

Will Vincent Orange Opponents Split The Vote?

Loose Lips headed to Busboys and Poets’ Brookland location Friday night, and he’s not even into vegan food. Instead, LL was drawn by the possibility that Andy Shallal—mogul of the restaurant chain, failed 2014 mayoral candidate, and occasional muse for lefty artists—would announce his run for a D.C. Council at-large seat.
About a dozen people who [...]

Andy Shallal Close to At-Large Run

Busboys and Politics, round 2

Robert White Set to Enter At-Large Race

Vincent Orange gets another challenger.

Karl Racine Hires Another Former Council Candidate

Karl's getting a crew.

Pedro Rubio Says He Wants Ward 4 Seat

Can the candidate improve his dismal at-large returns in 2015?