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Video: Vince Gray Is Delighted to See Jeff Thompson

If you haven't read it yet, this week's column is about the highly unusual financial relationship between Jeff Thompson, the alleged financier of the "shadow campaign" federal prosecutors say helped Mayor Vince Gray win election, and David Wilmot, one of the city's top-paid lobbyists.
In the piece, LL shows how Thompson's money was routed through Wilmot's [...]

Jeff Thompson’s Masseur Among “Suspicious” Money Order Donors

This week's LL column takes a look at Hollywood movie producer Proteus Spann's somewhat mysterious ties to Jeff Thompson—the D.C. Medicaid contractor who is in the middle of a federal investigation into the city's campaign finances.
If nothing else, the Spann connection demonstrates how large Thompson's network of donors is. The network, which has given more than [...]