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After a Leadership Shake-Up, the D.C. GOP Tries to Get One Council Seat

Republicans try to get back on whatever's higher than the bottom

D.C. Republicans Clash Over Chairman in Bitter Leadership Fight

Republicans try to get their act together, again.

Attorney Enters, Then Quickly Leaves, GOP Mayoral Race

In November, the District will have the closest thing to a competitive mayoral general election in 20 years. While independent candidates David Catania and Carol Schwartz working to make the ballot, though, the D.C. Republican Party—the District's second-largest party in terms of registration—is nowhere to be found.
The party didn't have any primary candidates in April, and four-time Republican mayoral hopeful Carol Schwartz wouldn't [...]

Wells Supporters Tell Republicans, Independents to Switch Parties for Primary

Thanks to the District's overwhelmingly Democratic voter base,  the 2014 mayor's race will probably be decided in the April 1 Democratic primary. That's not good enough for some independent and Republican supporters of mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells, who have started urging their fellow non-Democratic District residents to join the majority party in time to vote for [...]

D.C. Too Corrupt for One-Time Republican Candidate

Mary Brooks Beatty is out of here. Beatty, the Republican who lost the November 2012 at-large D.C. Council race to Vincent Orange and David Grosso, is leaving the District for an unusual reason: the local government is so corrupt that it's hurting her quality of life.
"I do not trust or respect my local government," Beatty [...]