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Morning Links

Judge puts charter school allegedly involved in self-dealing schemes into receivership. [Post]
Shutdown stops D.C. Medicaid payments. [Post]
With petition deadline approaching, Vince Gray says he'll decide on running for a second term in a few weeks. [Washingtonian]
D.C. Council sets hearing date for living wage bills hearing. [Post]
Ralph Nader, D.C. library gadfly. [WCP]
Officials won't say when the streetcar will [...]

Naderites Pressure Tommy Wells on Living Wage

Would-be mayor Tommy Wells can't catch a break on the living wage bill. Four other members of the D.C. Council voted with him against the Large Retailer Accountability Bill, but labor groups can't resist pressuring him specifically. Now, judging by the above poster LL spotted in Eastern Market over the weekend, activists affiliated with neighborhood gadfly Ralph Nader are joining the [...]

Morning Links

Emails suggest possibly illegal coordination between Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign and a PAC. [LL]
Harry Reid staffer launches exploratory committee for a Ward 6 run. [Hill Rag, LL]
Strip club wants its own M Street bike lane exemption. [Housing Complex]
Mayor Vince Gray breaks ground on the ampitheatre-less Chuck Brown park. [WAMU]
Pols, Bill Cosby turn out for Ben's Chili Bowl's anniversary. [WAMU]
Ralph Nader wants [...]

Ralph Nader’s $11 Million Statehood Plan

Ralph Nader's latest career turn as a D.C. statehood activist hasn't been going so hot. His "limited general strike" for statehood—basically, showing up late for work—didn't take off, and his presidential debate on the state of New Columbia never happened.
"The apathy is so thick you can cut it," Nader tells LL.
Nader's not discouraged, though. He claims that [...]