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Million Dollar Gravy: Jeff Thompson Put Big Money Into School Tied to Health Official

Jeff Thompson tried his hand at school investing with a District government connection

Bring the Campaign: Decades of District Politics, All in the Ward 8 Race

One race, a whole lot of candidates

D.C. Council Freshmen Have Big Dreams, Little Power

Meet the new class

Bad Heir Day: Who Can Replace Marion Barry in Ward 8?

A dozen people or more could try to take Barry's seat

Councilmember for Life?

The man born to be D.C.’s mayor settled a little uneasily into legislating.

So Long, Mayor-for-Life

The original Loose Lips says farewell to Barry.

A D.C. Without Marion Barry Felt Unthinkable Before This Week

The fixed point of local politics vanishes.

Banned in Barry’s D.C.

What it was like to be on the mayor-for-life's bad side

Marion Barry and Me

A former foe remembers the mayor-for-life.

Traffic Jam: After New Driver’s License Law, Undocumented Immigrants Faced Long Wait

The law passed. Then the wait started.