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How Will Phinis Jones and Park Southern Play in the Mayoral Election?

The District may be in the thick of summer, but mayoral hopeful Muriel Bowser is enjoying her salad days. This August has turned into endorsement season for the candidate, with two major labor groups backing her in as many days.
Bowser has more than a month before she first debates her opponents, and she’s raised the [...]

Did D.C. Taxpayers Help Pay to Write Marion Barry’s Book?

Pack away your “bitch set me up” gags, folks. After countless performances of “Stormy Monday” and comparisons to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the book tour for Marion Barry’s autobiography Mayor for Life is winding down.
Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, though, LL can now give the Ward 8 councilmember’s tight-lipped tome the Behind [...]

The Little-Known Election That’s About to Cost the District $300,000

Are you pumped for election day this Tuesday? LL’s not talking about the mayoral primary—that was in April. Or the general election, which is still four months from now. Instead, District voters will go to the polls next week to cast ballots for a special election for Ward 8’s seat on the State Board of [...]

Politically Connected Contractor Fort Myer Lands Sweet Rental Deal

It’s hard to think of a contractor with a luckier relationship with the District government than Fort Myer Construction Corporation. Even a 2003 ban on working in the city for three years (lifted before then) that came after the company admitted to a conspiracy to bribe District employees hasn’t stopped Fort Myer from gobbling up [...]

How the Supercan Mess Left the Gray Administration Looking Like “Idiots”

In May, Mayor Vince Gray’s administration found itself facing scandal. What’s new, right? Except this time, it had nothing to do with U.S. Attorney Ron Machen.
Instead, Gray was stuck in a quagmire familiar even to big-city mayors who aren’t under federal investigation: the inexplicable botching of a basic public service.
Six months earlier, Gray had announced [...]

Can the D.C. Fire and EMS Department Ever Be Fixed?

Earlier this month, District firefighters’union president Ed Smith did something he hadn’t done in a while: He felt good about the District’s fire chief.
Well, the District’s almost fire chief. Kenneth Ellerbe, the embattled head of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, is still in charge after his announcement earlier this month [...]

In His New Book, the Marion Barry Marion Barry Wants to See

In his new memoir, Marion Barry comes off as the toughest guy in the District—maybe in America. He stares down trucks full of Southern segregationists, then takes on white developers in the District. He totes around a gun as a 1960s organizer, lest the street toughs he’s turning into a political base turn against him.
At [...]

Spoiler Alert: Carol Schwartz Makes a Fifth Go at the Mayoralty

Have you stocked up JNCO jeans and v-chips? If not, LL says get on it, because the ’90s are back in a big way in District politics.
How else to take the mayoral announcement from ex-Councilmember Carol Schwartz? Schwartz unveiled her bid in an email to reporters Monday, breaking news that was so surprising that LL [...]

Lame Duck Tales: If Vince Gray Isn’t in Charge, Who Is?

Mayor Vince Gray can’t get no respect.Not just in the Wilson Building, the District’s city hall—although he’s pulling an inadvertent Rodney Dangerfield there, too—but also out on the streets of Shaw, where he went on a potentially record-breaking ribbon-cutting tour Monday.
Waiting to cut his sixth ribbon outside 9th Street NW’s Appioo restaurant, Gray arrived to [...]

D.C. Wanted a House of Cards Shoot. Instead It Got a House of Cards Plot.

How much Hollywood does the Districtwant? A lot, according to Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who cited Netflix’s House of Cards last week as he pushed for millions of dollars of workforce development funds to be used instead to replenish film incentive money at a D.C. Council budget meeting. If the political drama’s opening credits [...]