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Evans Introduces Election Overhaul Bill

Ward 2 Councilmember and two-time mayoral candidate Jack Evans just spent 298 days running unsuccessfully for office. Now he's got some ideas on what needs changing.
On Tuesday, Evans introduced legislation that includes four big changes to city elections. Evans' bill would move the primary from April to June and establish a separate presidential primary in March to [...]

Phil Mendelson Is Trying to Move the Primary Date Again

D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson's attempts to move next year's primary from April 1 to June 9 have failed so far, but he'll give it another shot when the Council meets on Tuesday. Once again, though, Mendelson isn't sure whether he has the votes he needs.
"I think it's so fundamentally wrong for us to have an [...]

The Undecided: Apology Tour Edition

August 23: Fenty promises to change

Today’s Event: Mayor Adrian Fenty embarks on a contrition tour, calling and visiting with former supporters, asking for their forgiveness for ignoring them in favor of his go-it-alone approach to governing. After a recent poll showed the incumbent losing to Vincent Gray, I guess he decided he had to start [...]

Gray Campaign Claims It’s Victim of Crank Caller

This couldn't have come on a worse day. Just as campaigns are trying to squeeze out some more cash from their supporters before today's filing deadline, the Gray camp has fallen prey to a prank caller. According to the press release:
"The Vince Gray For Mayor telephone numbers have been hijacked by someone who has [...]

The Undecided: Interview Request Edition

AUGUST 6: Press Relations

Today's Event: Gray spokesperson Traci Hughes offers me a chance to interview Gray about local-employee and living wage laws—if I was willing to snag him after an event. Wait a minute! This smells a lot like a certain incumbent mayor whose preferred way to meet the non-televisual press is while striding from [...]

Undecided: Job-Creation Edition

AUGUST 5: It's the Economy, Stupid!
Today's Event: Gray rolls out massive workforce development plan containing about 879 ideas and only partly comprised of gibberish. Gray's plan would apparently establish enough new advisory groups, taskforces, and committees to solve the city's unemployment problem on its own–though the city budget might be wrecked by the amount of [...]