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Vince Gray: RGIII Got a Raw Deal

One Vince Gray question resolved, albeit not the one LL wanted

Jack Evans: Bring the Pigskins to D.C., Name Change or Not

Play ball, says Evans

Pigskins Exec: Team Won’t Change Its Name for District Stadium

More bad news for a potential Pigskins move to the District

Bowser Staffers Puzzle Over Supposed Flip-Flop on Pigskins Name

"Leaks... I smell a rat."

Bowser Administration Courts Pigskins With Nats Tickets, But No Snyder Meeting Yet

Bowser tries to bring back the Pigskins.

How D.C. Voters View the Local NFL Team’s Name

More than half say it's offensive, and a plurality say media organizations should stop using it.

When Uncle Earl Met RGIII

Admitted shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson could be facing six months in prison, so it should be no surprise that he's out enjoying life while he can. But what a group he's found to pass the time with! Via Instagram, Thompson surfaced last night having dinner with the Washington Pigskins' Robert Griffin III and DeSean Jackson and, [...]

Council Passes Resolution Against Pigskins’ Name

So much for Dan Snyder's lobbying efforts. Despite the Washington Pigskins owner's attempt to rally the team's fans into contacting councilmembers, the D.C. Council passed a resolution this afternoon asking the organization to change their name because it's a racial slur for Native Americans.
The legislation passed with ten votes, with Councilmember Yvette Alexander voting present. Vincent [...]

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