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More on Jeff Thompson’s California Connections

Two columns ago, LL reported on the connection between D.C. Medicaid contractor Jeff Thompson, whom you all know is at the center of a federal investigation into campaign finance issues, and Proteus Spann, Thompson's Hollywood producer associate.
In that piece, LL noted political donations from what looked like two separate individuals linked to Spann.There were $2,000 [...]

Proteus Spann, the Mystery Man

For a movie producer in Hollywood, Proteus Spann certainly appears to care a lot about D.C. politics.
Since 2006, Spann has given $27,000 to local political campaigns as an individual and through his two production companies, Proteus E2 Productions and Pro2Play.
Why those donations matter: Spann’s giving pattern aligns almost perfectly with donations from Jeff Thompson, the [...]

More Fun With Money Orders

Last year, when LL first started looking at medicaid contractor Jeff Thompson's political giving, At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange, who is at the top of Thompson's money list, wouldn't return LL's calls. When the Washington Post did its own profile of Thompson a few weeks later, Orange told the paper, "I'm not talking about Jeff Thompson."
But after [...]