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Pete Ross’ Well-Funded Shadow Senate Bid Dissolves In Tax Strife

Launching his umpteenth run for shadow senator last August, furniture magnate Pete Ross told LL that he’d left his criminal past behind him. Specifically, that’d be the 2007 tax evasion conviction that got him three months in a halfway house. Getting busted for not paying his employment taxes, though, didn’t hinder his ability to blow [...]

$177,000 Later, Pete Ross Considers His Options

Another shadow senator election, another small fortune spent by perennial candidate Pete Ross on an unsuccessful campaign. After spending $202,000 of his own money pursuing the unpaid lobbying position in 2012, Ross spent $177,084 out of his own pocket trying to defeat incumbent Paul Strauss in last week's primary—and lost in a landslide.
Believe him or not, Ross [...]

Shadow Senate Candidates Argue Over Who Has the Shadier Past

Despite that fact that it's an unpaid, essentially meaningless position, Paul Strauss and Pete Ross both want to be one of the District's shadow senators. They want it so bad, in fact, that they were slinging mud at each other in mailers last weekend. And there's a lot of mud to sling.
First up: the above mailer from incumbent Strauss, which dubs deep-pocketed [...]

January Campaign Finance Reports: Everyone Else

The January campaign finance shed light on campaign financial details  beyond the mayor's race. Incumbent Jim Graham managed to outraise sole opponent Brianne Nadeau in Ward 1, but still lagged behind her in cash on hand.
In Ward 6, meanwhile, ex-Harry Reid staffer Darrel Thompson took in the most money while, like Graham, he lagged behind rival Charles Allen in reserves.
Ward 1
Jim Graham
Raised: [...]

Morning Links

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More crowdfunding for [...]

Pete Ross Gets Something Else to Spend Money On

Furniture magnate and shadow senator candidate Pete Ross isn't afraid to spend his own money running for the little-recognized volunteer position. In his unsuccessful 2012 for office, Ross spent $202,000 of his own money, and he's already donated $60,000 to his 2014 bid to unseat shadow senator Paul Strauss.
Now Ross may have to reach into his pockets [...]

December Finance Reports: Everyone Else

After covering the latest mayoral campaign filings yesterday, LL has written up the best and worst of the down-ballot races. Below, some challengers for At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds, some Capitol Hill help for Ward 6 challenger Darrel Thompson, and the infinite wallet of Pete Ross.
Anita Bonds
Raised: $17,785. Spent: $0. Cash on hand:  $19,185.
Bonds' contributors included controversial halfway house Hope [...]

October Campaign Reports: Everything Else

The mayoral candidates weren't the only ones who had to report their campaign finances last week. Read on for the reports, and a not-so-surprising appearance from shadow Senate candidate Pete Ross' bank account.
Ward 1
Brianne Nadeau
Raised: $12,966. Spent: $4,819.33. Cash on hand: $54,875.86.
Nadeau outraised Bryan Weaver, her nearest Ward 1 competition, by about $4,000. Among Nadeau's donors: former Ward 6 [...]

Expensive Hobby

Millionaire Foxhall furniture magnate Pete Ross made his fortune persuading people that they needed $10,000 acrylic beds. Now he’s trying to sell Washingtonians on an equally odd product: himself.
In 2012, Ross put $202,000 of his own cash into an unsuccessful run to take one of the District’s shadow Senate seats from Michael D. Brown. For [...]

A Better Use, Perhaps, for Pete Ross’ Money?

By now you may know that Pete Ross is willing to spend a ridiculous amount of his own money to be D.C.'s next unpaid, powerless shadow senator. He's given his campaign $202,000 and has already spent nearly $70,000 of that on posters, literature, advertising in this publication, and a small army of field workers that [...]