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Activists Question FreshPAC Chairman’s Lobbying Report

Public Citizen calls in the ethics board

FreshPAC Chair Says He Didn’t Actually Lobby on Exelon-Pepco Deal

Registered lobbyist with no actual lobbying

Bowser Settles in Exelon-Pepco Merger for $78 Million

Pepco and Exelon win over the mayor

Bowser Circulates Tentative Pepco-Exelon Settlement

Tentative deal doesn't please merger opponents

Nuclear Fallout: Is the Pepco-Exelon Merger Really Dead?

Wasn’t this resolved in August? Not so fast.

Commission Denies Exelon Takeover of Pepco

Pepco stays Pepco, for now

Council Guts Study of Pepco Alternatives

Cheh says Pepco wants to "strangle" study.

Antitrust Group Opposes Pepco Takeover

Power down this merger, says group

Poll Finds Some Likely Voters Opposed to Pepco Purchase, But Most Don’t Have An Opinion

Just 6 percent of likely voters support merger in new poll

Electric Boogaloo: Pepco Sale Opponents Face the Company’s Connections in District Government

Pepco has juice in the District government