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Restrictions cause medical pot sales to lag. [Post]
D.C. United stadium pressure group states goals. [Post]
New law lets cyclists use Barnes Dances traffic lights. [Housing Complex]
Despite hearing, info on Pepco's undergrounding plan remains private for now. [Post]
Metro settles crash lawsuit. [WTOP]
Post ed board: hurray for Kaya Henderson. [Post]
Shutdown pushes Height Act meeting. [WBJ]
Shirtless thieves rob D.C. school. [WTOP]
164 [...]

Ethics Board Gives Mendelson the OK on Pepco Shares

Phil Mendelson: D.C. Council chairman, straw hat enthusiast, and lately, Wall Street player. LL wrote earlier this month about Mendelson's roughly $200,000 worth of shares in oil companies, and now the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability has weighed in on another part of Mendelson's portfolio. Though the chairman has around $17,500 in shares in Pepco, [...]

Enough With the Pepco Love!

Pardon LL for interrupting the Pepco love-fest going on. The previously much-maligned electric utility  just received a hearty "attaboy" from Mayor Vince Gray and other city officials at a news conference.
"I don't know what they could have done better," says Gray.
LL does: not been so crappy to begin with.
It's a testament to just how slipshod [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Redistricting Blues Edition

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Medicaid Malpractice
Michelle Rhee's Fundraiser Married to Vince Gray's Campaign Aide
Sulaimon Brown Stands Down

Good morning sweet readers! It's Thursday, and you all know that means Washington City [...]

What’s Wrong With Vince Gray?

It only took Mayor Vince Gray six years to go from running a non-profit for troubled teens to being the city’s top elected official. But after that rapid rise, it’s only taken him two months to cut short his own honeymoon and become a political punchline.
So what happened? How did a guy who looked like [...]

Pepco to D.C. Region: Drop Dead

Hey Pepco, what's your problem? Why is it we can't have a big snowfall without half your customers losing their power? LL can guess: it's not your fault, it's the trees'. Those stupid old trees!
Well guess what, Pepco: Plenty of other cities across the Northern Hemisphere have solved the riddle of having trees and big [...]

Could Vincent Orange Oversee Pepco?

UPDATE, 5:05 p.m. – It appears that the initial list has shifted such that it's not obvious to which committees the incoming councilmember would be assigned: Each committee now has five members, with the exceptions of Parks and Recreation and Marion Barry's Aging and Community Affairs (which now has just three members, after Muriel Bowser [...]