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District Settles Peaceoholics Lawsuit

Moten swears off politics

Ron Moten Sues David Catania for Defamation (As Promised)

He did warn him.

Ron Moten Wants David Catania to Apologize

The Peaceoholics co-founder says the mayoral candidate dragged him into a feud he doesn't belong in.

Councilmembers Could Be Called to Testify at Peaceoholics Trial

Jim Graham, Jack Evans, and Marion Barry to the stand!

Peaceoholics Co-Founder and “Community Hero” Ron Moten Crowdsources His Legal Fees

A week after fellow Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham and their non-violence group were slapped with a $638,389 judgment in court, activist and Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten is raising money for his own legal fight with a crowdfunding campaign that declares him a "community hero."
There was once a time when Moten wouldn't have to hit up people on crowdfunding website Crowdtilt for [...]

Peace at Any Cost?

LL has the perfect plan to steer some District funds his way. First, he’ll team up with a rising politician poised to become mayor. Then, he’ll offer a service no one could say no to—anti-violence work, probably. If anyone starts asking questions about paperwork, he’ll just tell the mayor’s pals to push the money through [...]

Ron Moten vs. Irv Nathan

Between the council meeting and Keely Thompson's plea, LL didn't have time yesterday to get to the surprise guest at Tuesday's panel on the attorney general election: Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten
Most people facing a lawsuit from the District over bogus non-profit tax forms and luxury SUVs might decide to lie low. Instead, Moten used the [...]

D.C. Sues Peaceoholics Over Luxury SUVs, Salaries

The District government, which gave gang intervention group Peaceoholics more than $5 million in anti-violence grants during ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration, sued the group today for allegedly submitting a falsified grant application in 2009.
Attorney General Irv Nathan's lawsuit against Peaceoholics and co-founders Jauhar Abraham and Ron Moten accuses the two of understating how much they received [...]

Loose Lips Daily: More D.C. Council Arrests and Budget Cuts Edition

A deliberative roundup of one city's local politics. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
Good morning Washington. Happy Cinco de Mayo. (Did you also know that it is also Tammy Wynette's birthday?) Those are some fun facts on this Thursday. Be sure [...]

Peaceoholics FOIA Goes Nowhere

Figuring out what the Peaceoholics are doing for their money isn't getting any easier. Curious as to what the anti-gang group has done in return for the millions in District funds they've pulled down, in August, Amin Hassan Muslim submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that went nowhere. Muslim works [...]