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Fire Chief Dodges Reporter

Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe should take a lesson from Councilmember Vincent Orange: running from reporters doesn't make for flattering video. Fox 5 has the latest in the embattled chief's dodges from the press, with Ellerbe avoiding questions from reporter Paul Wagner for half a block on U Street.
In the clip, Wagner asks Ellerbe when he'll [...]

Fire Proof

Mayor Vince Gray has not been shy about firing high-ranking officials when they become inconvenient. The mayor’s former chief of staff, Gerri Mason Hall, was gone after only three months, forced to take the fall for hiring little-supported-mayoral-candidate-turned-FBI-witness Sulaimon Brown. Former Department of Employment Services Director Rochelle Webb was shown the door a few months [...]

IG Report Faults Reserve Fleet Data

A newly public report by the Office of the Inspector General shows that Fire Department Chief Ken Ellerbe was potentially alerted to the fact that his department had faulty information about the department's reserve fleet a day before Ellerbe and his deputies presented that faulty reserve fleet information to a D.C. Council committee.
On Feb. 19, [...]