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Fire department staff now have to watch what they tweet, thanks to a new social media policy. [Times]
LL's predictions for 2014. [LL]
New traffic cameras won't issue tickets yet. [Times, WAMU]
Candidates get ready to turn in their nominating signatures. [WAMU]
Natwar Gandhi: poet, Harriette Walters dupe, and almost ex-CFO. [Post]
What 2014 could mean for development. [Housing Complex]
Petula Dvorak tells Adrian [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray backs marijuana decriminalization bill. [LL, WAMU]
Marijuana fine could drop to $25. [Post]
D.C. cabbies join the Teamsters. [Post, City Desk]
Height Act fight gives the Committee of 100 something to do. [Housing Complex]
Post ed board: Gray should take "serious pause" over re-election bid. [Post]
D.C. bus driver arrested for drunk driving. [WTOP]
LivingSocial lost $25 million in the third [...]

CFO Nominee Breezes Through Council Hearing

The District is one step closer to having a new chief financial officer today, after the D.C. Council's finance committee held a mostly uneventful hearing on nominee Jeffrey DeWitt.
Councilmembers reminded DeWitt of his office's independence; DeWitt promised in turn that he would stay out of politics. A deferential DeWitt started each of his answers by formally [...]

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Kenyan McDuffie drops measure from package of campaign finance reforms that would've eliminated Council approval of contracts. [Post]
Jeff Thompson appeals to the Supreme Court. [LL, Post]
You can't live here. [Housing Complex]
Natwar Gandhi's replacement answers questions ahead of his hearing today. [Post]
Chuck Thies applies for post-health reform insurance. [NBC 4]
Smithsonian could face furloughs. [WAMU]
Keys stolen from Barry Farm. [NBC 4]

District’s Shutdown Plan Is “Idiocy Of Immense Proportions,” Says Former U.S. Attorney

A little law-breaking can be contagious. Mayor Vince Gray risks violating the Anti-Deficiency Act if he keeps the entire city government running during a shutdown without the feds' approval, but he's not alone. D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson is set to introduce his own bill Tuesday to keep the city running. Councilmember David Grosso, meanwhile, says the District should build [...]

D.C. Could Break the Law, Defy Congress Over Government Shutdown

Mayor Vince Gray and members of the D.C. Council were supposed to talk this morning about preparations for a partial shutdown of the city government in the event of a federal government shutdown. Instead, they left breakfast considering a plan that would keep the city government open and break federal law.
During a presentation from City Administrator [...]

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Natwar Gandhi's potential replacement as CFO is being vetted. [Post]
Mayor Vince Gray will reintroduce his campaign finance bill. [WAMU]
Post ed board calls Jack Evans "tone-deaf" for his opposition to censuring Marion Barry. [Post]
Gray says D.C. is "vulnerable" to other areas' gun laws. [WAMU]
How D.C. goes about locking down a neighborhood. [Housing Complex]
The would-be Family Research Council shooter is being sentenced today. [...]

After Post Investigation, City Cancels 2013 Tax Lien Sales

How's this for a Friday news dump? Less than a week after the Washington Post started its series on problems in the Office of Tax and Revenue's tax lien sales, Mayor Vince Gray and Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi announced the cancelation of 2013 tax lien sales on around 142 homes.
The cancelation will apply to liens for buildings [...]

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After Michael Brown arrest, NBA star Kevin Durant is urged to get away from D.C. lotto operator Emmanuel Bailey. Jay-Z is also involved. [Times]
Gray campaign aide Thomas Gore wants probation for destroying evidence, apologizes for embarrassing District. [Post]
Losing the FBI will actually make the District money. [Housing Complex]
Natwar Gandhi: "It’s nothing short of a miracle [...]

SEC Wants to See CFO’s Office Audits

Now the the Securities and Exchange Commission, too, wants to know what's going on Natwar Gandhi's Office of the Chief Financial Officer.
The SEC sent a letter to the OCFO yesterday asking to see more than two years' worth of audits and inspections, according to a letter sent by Gandhi to Mayor Vince Gray and the [...]