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Muriel Bowser, Birthday Mayor

Another year older, another year wiser?

On MSNBC Appearance, Bowser Predicts 800,000 D.C. Residents

Mayor meets MSNBC

Guard Fail: Report Finds Security Holes in D.C. Government Buildings

Security at One Judiciary Square could be bypassed by entering through an adjacent food court, according to an OIG report.

Audited School Modernization Program “Rigged Against Accountability”

Councilmembers fume at mayors past and present

Three Things District Politicians Probably Wish They Hadn’t Said About Donald Trump

When the Donald met the Wilson Building

Bowser Rips Council Over Body Cameras in Email Blast

Mendo calls email an "amazing piece of word-smithing."

Mendelson Fends Off Freshmen Revolt Over Tax Cuts

Newbies flex on the Council

Mendelson, Bowser Clash Over Budget Amendment (UPDATE)

“I think the mayor is stirring up a tempest and I don’t understand the motive,” Mendelson said.

Bowser, Racine Continue Fight Over DCPS Food Settlement

Food settlement leaves mayor with a bitter taste in her mouth.

Another Bowser Cabinet Official Bails Ahead of Severance Deadline

Another cabinet official ditches Bowser administration