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Prosecutors Want Probation for Jeff Thompson Crony

Prosecutors want Troy White, who pleaded guilty to operating "street teams" for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign, to avoid prison in exchange for his cooperation.

Morning Links

After Vince Gray vetoes the living wage bill, Phil Mendelson maneuvers to attempt override on Tuesday. [WAMU, LL, Post]
Here's where Gray got the figure that the bill would kill 4,000 jobs. [Housing Complex]
Evidence that Jeff Thompson funded a shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton could, somehow, help Gray. [Post]
Investigation into Thompson focuses on role of Minyon Moore in Clinton campaign. [Post]
WSJ predicts big things from the Thompson scandal. [...]

Is Bryan Weaver D.C.’s Bill Clinton?

No, but at-large hopeful Weaver did just nab Minyon Moore, who used to be director of White House political affairs under President Clinton, to be his campaign chairwoman. From Moore's bio at the P.R. firm Dewey Square Group:
Her unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the political and public policy arena is a result of [...]