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What’s Up With Michael Brown’s Third Place At-Large D.C. Council Finish?

Which Michael Brown did you vote for?

Meet the Many, Many D.C. Council At-Large Candidates

Take your pick.

Shadow Sen. Michael Brown Declares for At-Large Race

What's one more in the already enormous field of at-large D.C. Council candidates? The District is about to find out, because now Shadow Sen. Michael D. Brown says he's running, too.
"I'm tired of being ignored," says Brown, who's one of two unpaid shadow senators tasked with pushing statehood on Capitol Hill. Brown has already switched his party [...]

Smooth Operator

Well, that was fast.
Last week, LL had his hopes up for an epic political punch-off between the boring but likeable Phil Mendelson and the loud, proud, acquired taste of Vincent Orange for the D.C. Council chairman’s seat. Now it looks like Mendo will win it easy in November. God of exciting political campaigns, why has [...]

And Thus Begins the Mendo Era?

If D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown resigns this week over federal fraud charges, as a source tells LL he will do, the city's Home Rule Charter provides a mechanism to replace him, and it's somewhat complicated.
If the chairman’s seat becomes empty, councilmembers select one of the four at-large members as a temporary replacement [...]

Who is Reuben Charles?

Two days after Vincent Gray won the Democratic mayoral primary, The Washington Post ran a story about the challenges Almost Mayor Gray now faced. Included in the story was a small blurb mentioning that Reuben O. Charles II, a wealthy Guyana-born venture capitalist who’d been a key fundraiser for Gray, was rumored to be the [...]

Michael D. Brown Isn’t Giving Up

Since Michael D. Brown's biggest supporter in the at-large council race was Michael D. Brown, it's perhaps fitting that his house on Western Avenue N.W.–a gray Acura with "US SENATOR" plates parked out front–should still be festooned with yard signs this Saturday afternoon.

Morning Ride in the Mendomobile

The polls have opened at H.D. Cooke Elementary in Adams Morgan. Councilmember Phil Mendelson pulls up in his 1998 Mercury Mystique, ready to start a crosstown precinct blitz to save his job. He hasn’t had breakfast. And things are already going wrong.
“The crises have already started,” he says—a precinct in upper Northwest didn’t have campaign [...]

White Mike: Voters Aren’t Stupid

While driving around with Councilmember Phil Mendelson this morning, we ran into his arch-nemesis, Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown, at Lafayette Elementary. I asked him why he didn't put his middle initial on his yard signs, just to, you know, clear things up. He responded that he's never campaigned with his middle initial; why would [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Primary Day Is (Finally) Here Edition!

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