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MPD Staffer Sues Over Alleged Canadian Discrimination

It's aboot a discrimination lawsuit, eh?

Bowser Rips Council Over Body Cameras in Email Blast

Mendo calls email an "amazing piece of word-smithing."

Bowser Wants Body Cam Footage Exempt from Open Records Law

Bowser wants it to be harder to watch the cops

Hey, Data Data: MPD Database Fail Could Have Affected Dozens of Criminal Cases

A police database failure kept key information from defenders and jeopardized a yet-to-be-determined number of criminal cases.

Flawed MPD Database Triggers Massive Review of Criminal Cases

A major database problem could go back years.

Lawsuit: D.C. Police “Regularly Share” Pilfered Nude Photos

Lawsuit says cop made off with nude pics

MPD Is Now Issuing Body Cameras to Some D.C. Cops

Five different kinds of cameras will be tested, and the videos will be subject to FOIA. (Don't worry, officers can turn them off in the bathroom.)

District Sued Over This American Life Revelations of False Confession

A former MPD detective revealed on the radio show that his interrogation led a suspect to admit guilt when she hadn't committed a crime.

Marion Barry Accuses Cops of Helping Media Embarrass Him

Marion Barry had a hell of a week. His son and potential political heir Christopher Barry found himself in jail on yet another driving charge, and LL found a draft chapter of his memoir about one of the more salacious parts of the Ward 8 councilmember's life. To cap things off, Barry crashed into another car as he drove the wrong [...]

Crash Course

Twenty-year-old Arnell Robinson andMetropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Pepperman started on opposite ends of the 400 block of O Street NW on the afternoon of March 6, 2009. Robinson rode an unregistered motorbike; Pepperman, on his way to sign warrants at the courthouse, drove an unmarked police Ford Taurus. Only one of them would make [...]