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Inspector General Ends Ethics Probe Into Metro Board Chairman

WMATA says they won't pursue complaint, either

How Metro Spun the January Smoke Death

As the public and media fumed at another fatality on the transit line, Metro contracted with two crisis firms

Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Against Jim Graham

Back to court for Jim Graham

Metro Spent Big to Promote Its Newest Line

Metro's odd ads for the Silver Line came at a hefty price.

Bowser Promises Metro Report Within Two Days, But Many Questions Still Unresolved

The report on the D.C. Fire and EMS response to the incident will come out within the next 48 hours, according to Bowser.

Bowser: Fire Department Likely Met “Customary” Response Time to Station After Metro Incident

The mayor says she's waiting on the NTSB report.

Mary Cheh Puts District, Metro on Blast After Snowstorm

Cheh snows in transit agencies.

Gray, Bowser Accuse Each Other of Metro Deflection

In another time, the recent Red Line delays would just be another example of America's crumbling public infrastructure. But this is election season!
Faced with complaints about an independent transit agency he can't control, Mayor Vince Gray's Twitter team deflected questions about the delays onto Ward 4 councilmember and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board member Muriel Bowser:
(1/6) I’d [...]

Metro Forgives District for the Shutdown

Remember the shutdown? Well, the most interesting part of Vince Gray's shutdown press conference in front of the Senate—at least before the mayor decided to go all Tareq and Michaele Salahi on Harry Reid—came when Gray revealed that, with the District's $74 million payment to Metro delayed, the transit agency planned on charging the city interest.
The interest would [...]

Morning Links

After more than 50 days, Mayor Vince Gray will get the Large Retailer Accountability Act today. [WAMU]
NBC 4 says Gray will veto. [NBC 4]
The Justice Department's new marijuana policy gives D.C.'s medical marijuana policy some breathing room. [Post]
The Metropolitan Police Department gets a new bloodhound. [WAMU, Times]
Derailed train closes Metro Red Line service between Fort [...]