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Mayoral Candidate Christian Carter Accused of Stiffing Subcontractor

Most District politicians wait until they're in office to be accused of stealing city money. But not Christian Carter, the 30-year-old city contractor who announced his run for mayor last week. Carter's campaign kick-off Saturday had some unlikely crashers: District officials.
The payment dispute centers on the 2014 Children's Budget Report, which Carter's New Columbia Enterprises [...]

Welcome to the Go-Go Rights Movement

Go-go has admitted defeat. Challenger Vincent Gray has proved more powerful than Chocolate City's homegrown musical genre. Artist Chi Ali is part of a group of go-go musicians that supported Mayor Adrian Fenty for re-election under the banner "Go-Go 4 Fenty." By phone, Ali says he's disappointed about the election's results, but [...]

Has Election 2010 Divided Go-Go?

If you haven't heard already, go-go music, the most stigmatized genre in the District, has suddenly become a major political force. Mayor Adrian Fenty hopes to ride the conga-infused beat to victory in next week's elections.
But not all go-go bands have warmed to the mayor's "Go-Go 4 Fenty" campaign, and some even [...]

The Undecided: Mendo Mind Meld Edition

September 1: The Undecided Meets Mendelson

Today’s Event: I talk to At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson. I am getting a little nervous about my prolonged lean toward Adrian Fenty. I need someone to convince me that Vincent Gray will make the better mayor. My respect for Mendo could not be higher. He's as principled as any councilmember, [...]

The Undecided: Race to the Top Edition

August 24: Fenty Wins One

Today’s Event: D.C. and nine other states win the "Race To The Top" contest for federal education funding.  This is a bigger deal than any straw poll, especially a Ward 5 straw poll where voters are still confused over Michael Brown. This is a huge victory for Fenty—one that only helps [...]

The Undecided: Apology Tour Edition

August 23: Fenty promises to change

Today’s Event: Mayor Adrian Fenty embarks on a contrition tour, calling and visiting with former supporters, asking for their forgiveness for ignoring them in favor of his go-it-alone approach to governing. After a recent poll showed the incumbent losing to Vincent Gray, I guess he decided he had to start [...]

The Undecided: Poverty Politics Edition

August 19: Fenty Talks Poverty

Today’s Event: Mayor Adrian Fenty finally responds to Defeat Poverty DC survey. I've been waiting for him to address the District's faltering economy and for him to acknowledge the nonprofit sector beyond Peaceoholics. So he scores points just for playing along. Fenty provides forthright answers addressing unemployment (he touts job creation [...]

The Undecided: I Am a Peaceoholic Edition

Today’s Event: When it comes to Peaceoholics, Mayor Adrian Fenty ain't sweating the details. He tells a local community organizer he's sure Peaceoholics works because “I’ve met the kids, I mean, I don’t need any statistics." I wonder if he's interviewed the kids sitting in jail awaiting murder trials who've gone through a Peaceoholics [...]

Gray Campaign Claims It’s Victim of Crank Caller

This couldn't have come on a worse day. Just as campaigns are trying to squeeze out some more cash from their supporters before today's filing deadline, the Gray camp has fallen prey to a prank caller. According to the press release:
"The Vince Gray For Mayor telephone numbers have been hijacked by someone who has [...]

Are Smart Car Drivers Leaning Gray?

Last week, Vincent Gray thumped Mayor Adrian Fenty on his home turf. Now it seems Gray may be winning over the Smart Car set:

*reader submitted photo.