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D.C. Too Corrupt for One-Time Republican Candidate

Mary Brooks Beatty is out of here. Beatty, the Republican who lost the November 2012 at-large D.C. Council race to Vincent Orange and David Grosso, is leaving the District for an unusual reason: the local government is so corrupt that it's hurting her quality of life.
"I do not trust or respect my local government," Beatty [...]

Where are the At-Large Poll Workers?

Where are the at-large poll workers?
LL has just been on a tour of some of the bigger-turnout precincts east of the Anacostia River and couldn't help but notice the dearth of campaign workers for any at-large D.C. Council candidates.
At two large precincts in Congress Heights, only A.J. Cooper had a poll worker. An AFSCME union [...]


It wasn’t that long ago that Councilmember Michael Brown’s name was mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate one day.
Brown, after all, has the pedigree (he’s the son of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown) and the charm to make a strong citywide push. Some of his supporters say it was understood a few months ago [...]

Listen to Washington City Paper/WPFW At-Large D.C. Council Debate Thursday

LL will join WPFW's D.C. Politics show on Thursday to moderate a Washington City Paper/WPFW debate among candidates for the At-Large seat on the D.C. Council.
The show begins at 11 a.m.—you can listen live by clicking here.
Candidates who will appear are: Vincent Orange, Michael Brown, David Grosso, and Mary Brooks Beatty.

Loose Lips Daily: Performance Art Edition

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Alexander Misses Out on Parking Lobby Cash

Good morning sweet readers! Campaign finance reports were due last night. Check back [...]

Republican Reboot

This we know for sure: Exactly a year from next Tuesday, D.C. voters will head to the polls and vote overwhelmingly in favor of re-electing President Barack Obama.
What’s still unknown is whether Mitt Romney, or Herman Cain, or whoever the GOP gets around to nominating, will have any company on a losing local ticket that [...]