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Morning Links

New scoring method made students' math numbers look better than they were. [Post]
Fire stations were understaffed during the Navy Yard shooting. [NBC 4]
How should D.C. record its murder rate after the shooting? [Post]
Colby King calls Marion Barry's defenders—Jim Graham, Jack Evans, and Vincent Orange—"a motley crew of ethicists." [Post]
New DDOT regulations would make it harder to place a newspaper box. [...]

MPD Headquarters, Park Building on Table for Stadium Swaps

Mayor Vince Gray signed a partnership deal today to build a soccer stadium for D.C. United at Buzzard Point, with the building expected to be finished in 2016. It's good that the city and the team have time, because the deal faces several big questions before any ribbons can be cut.
Can the city really keep [...]