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Barry Estate Sues His Kidney Donor

Barry friend gave up her kidney, but doesn't get rights to his image.

Marion C. Barry Lets Plea Deal Offer Expire

No guilty plea for Marion C. Barry

Bowser Announces Barry Memorial Committee, Unveils New Mural


Marion Barry Left Behind $16K in Assets, Open Ethics Investigation

What the mayor-for-life left behind

Ward 8 Candidate Drops Out Over Bowser Pick’s Bankroll

Ex-shadow rep bows out

Bowser Pitches Committee to Decide on Marion Barry Honors

What's getting named after Marion Barry?

DeBonis Ditches City Hall for the Big Time

Mayor-for-life's death played into the decision.

Marion Barry Memorial Cost Nearly $100K

Ponying up for the mayor-for-life

CORRECTED: Voting Record: Christopher Barry Has Never Voted in D.C. (Yes He Has)

Christopher Barry runs, but doesn't vote

Vincent Orange Moves to Rename UDC After Marion Barry

The mayor-for-life gets a school?