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What’s Next for Legal Pot?

The immediate answer: Congress

At the Pot Legalization Party, It’s Not About Getting High

D.C. legalized it.

Sell ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Voters Want Legal Pot, and Legal Pot Sales

Don't bogart that legalization vote.

Lagging in Fundraising, Anti-Pot Campaign Debuts Bus Ads

4/20 don't blaze it, ads implore Metro riders

Catania Tells Voters to Back Marijuana Initiative

Pass the dutchie 'pon the left-hand side, says David Catania.

Marijuana Wins Over Karl Racine

He's not for it...OK, now he's for it.

Legal Pot Will Be on D.C. Ballot in November

The District got one step closer to legal marijuana today, thanks to a D.C. Board of Elections decision that will put a measure legalizing the drug on November's ballot.
After months of legal wrangling and often tumultuous signature gathering, the board ruled that the organizers behind the D.C. Cannabis Campaign successfully collected the required 23,780 signatures to make the ballot. [...]

Catania Asks for Meeting With Pot-Hating Congressman, Doesn’t Succeed

Mayoral hopeful David Catania headed to Congress this morning to schedule a meeting with Rep. Andy Harris, the Maryland Republican attempting to derail marijuana decriminalization in the District. While Catania didn't get his meeting, he did get a lesson in the low regard that some congressmen—and their staffers!—hold for the District's elected officials.
Harris is back on the Eastern [...]

Pot Legalization Campaign Predicts Signature Success

This week has been rough for the District's friends of the friendly herb, with a House committee voting to block the use of city funds for decriminalizing marijuana. It's not all bad news, though. After a rocky start, a top organizer behind a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana says that the measure should have enough signatures to get on the ballot [...]

4/23 Blaze It: Petition Drive Starts for Marijuana Initiative

Washingtonians who want to enjoy legal pot can finally put their names behind it. After months of wrangling, the District of Columbia Board of Elections issued petitions this morning that could put legalized marijuana on the November ballot.
The initiative, organized by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign and backed by a $20,000 donation from California soap tycoon David Bronner, [...]