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To the Losers Go the Spoils

It’s common practice in American politics to reward campaign workers on winning campaigns with government jobs in a new administration. “To the victor go the spoils,” as former Mayor for Life Marion Barry is fond of saying.
In most places, for the campaign workers on the losing team, it’s tough luck; their consolation prize is the [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Another Poll Edition

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Post Thinks We Suck
Undecided: Peaceoholic Edition

Billionaire Pleased With Fenty

Good morning, sweet readers! LL has been growing his own vegetables this summer, and finally tried one of his [...]

Washington Post Says We’re Confused

Worried about $400,000 of District money disappearing into the pockets of the Peaceoholics, a non-profit with close ties to Mayor Adrian Fenty? Don't be. The Washington Post reports everything is fine. Though Washington City Paper earlier reported that two city officials told that the Fenty administration wanted to quietly pass money to the organization, [...]