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Deputy Mayor Won’t Rule Out Sabotage in Ambulance Fires

Relations between fire department brass and the rank-and-file are so bad that Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander has called in the police.
Quander has asked the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate whether anything "untoward" lead to two ambulances catching fire yesterday. Speaking to reporters this morning, Quander poked around the possibility of intradepartment sabotage without [...]

Mystery Deputy Fire Chief Blamed for Faulty Reserve Fleet Info

In case you missed it, Fox5's Paul Wagner reported yesterday on the firefighter union's claims that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had submitted faulty information to the D.C. Council about the state of the department's fire trucks. The union says several of the trucks Ellerbe told the Council were part of the department's reserve fleet had [...]

Shorter Firefighters Shifts Still a Ways Off, Like Maybe Forever

One of the lone bits of non-Sandy D.C. news today was the Washington Times' story about an arbitrator finding that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had retaliated against fire union boss Ed Smith.
Retaliating public safety bosses is old hat in D.C., so the chances of this story going anywhere are slim. But it did remind LL [...]

Unfriendly Fire

The D.C. fire truck specifically designated to save the president and the first family from a White House blaze has been out of service for 500 out of the last 1,000 days, according to some of its operators, and is, in the words of one firefighter assigned to drive the truck, a “piece of crap.”
Tower [...]

Did Fire Chief Tell Firefighters Not To Misbehave at Mayor’s Speech?

Unless you're a Washington Post print subscriber, you may recall that a couple of weeks ago about 100 firefighters stood up and turned their backs toward Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe in an act of insubordination meant to express their displeasure with how Ellerbe is running the department, including his decision to outlaw the "DCFD" logo.
Someone [...]

Brandon Webb’s Side of Things

In Brandon Webb’s version of events, he sure got screwed by District politics.
The son of Rochelle Webb, who was recently fired as acting director of the Department of Employment Services, Brandon Webb spent a few short weeks doing community outreach work for new Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe.
Webb says he was working in Arizona earlier this [...]