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Running for Second in Ward 8

It ain’t easy running against incumbents in D.C. politics. It’s especially hard when the incumbent is Marion Barry.
Consider the plight of Barry’s former spokeswoman, Natalie Williams (pictured above, when she was working for Barry), and the lengths she had to go on Tuesday to get some attention for her bid to unseat her old boss.
Around 11 [...]

Who Do You Trust?

In the last few years, Danita Doleman has done pretty well winning city contracts. Her consulting business, Camille Consulting Group Inc., has gotten more than $1.2 million in District business since 2004, mostly from the city’s technology office. Her nonprofit, Youth Technology Institute, has pulled in another $125,000 from the city’s human services department.
Youth Technology [...]

Harry Thomas Jr.: The Fallout

Give Harry Thomas Jr. some credit :The man can act.
Thomas admitted in federal court last week that he’d been stealing city money almost since he first took office in 2007. That he’s been able to comport himself as though he wasn’t a thief and a tax cheat for the last five years is proof that [...]

The Cost of Doing Business

The District government, you should know, is getting better.
The Washington Post recently teamed up with a Georgetown University researcher to crunch city data. They found that the District has “vastly improved its delivery of basic services over the past decade” and continues to do so. For scandal-weary city politicians, especially Mayor Vince Gray, that story [...]

Posting Up

When Mayor Vince Gray’s new chief of staff, Chris Murphy, was hired this summer, one of the first things he did was take over the mayor’s languishing communications shop.
Murphy immediately had one-on-one meetings with reporters, started trading emails and phone calls with hacks, and, most recently, eased out the mayor’s spokeswoman and replaced her with [...]

Disaster Pay

File this one under “nice work if you can get it.”
More than two dozen retired police officers who were rehired by the District, including the chief of the police agency that protects government buildings, have been improperly paid both a full pension and full salary for several years even though the D.C. Code prohibits that, [...]

Lew’s Crew

When all of D.C. politics was focused earlier this year on profligate spending on fancy SUVs for District lawmakers, few seemed to care that City Administrator Allen Lew was cruising around in a shiny new 2011 Chevy Tahoe. And when a city report found a few months later that Lew had given his chief of [...]

The Issa Man Cometh

If any would-be challengers to Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, want to use the old chestnut that the incumbent congressman has “gone Washington,” they would have done well to listen to District officials sing Issa’s praises in recent days.
Just listen to Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, who says he was “shocked” by Issa’s initial [...]

Gray Team Woos the Post

Mayor Vince Gray hired a new spokesman this week. Pedro Ribeiro will be replacing Linda Wharton Boyd, who the mayor put out to pasture at the city’s Department of Health.
At a Monday news conference announcing the new hire, talk quickly turned to why the mayor was making the move. Some Gray supporters have long blamed [...]