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Morning Links

Council gives final approval to $11.50 minimum wage, Vince Gray expected to sign. [LL, WAMU]
Bad news for LivingSocial: "The daily deal is looking deader than disco." [WBJ]
Council bounces Gray's Supercan funding plan. [Post]
Tommy Wells backs cost of living increase for cops, firefighters. [NBC 4]
WUSA9 anchor J.C. Hayward deals with attorney general lawsuit. [Post]
WBJ looks back at the Walmart fight. [WBJ]
Gray angles [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray backs marijuana decriminalization bill. [LL, WAMU]
Marijuana fine could drop to $25. [Post]
D.C. cabbies join the Teamsters. [Post, City Desk]
Height Act fight gives the Committee of 100 something to do. [Housing Complex]
Post ed board: Gray should take "serious pause" over re-election bid. [Post]
D.C. bus driver arrested for drunk driving. [WTOP]
LivingSocial lost $25 million in the third [...]

Phil Mendelson Asks LivingSocial to Lay Off the Booze and Guns

It's the time of the summer recess when a D.C. Council chairman's heart turns to more light-hearted pursuits. For Phil Mendelson, that means bugging LivingSocial.
In a letter to LivingSocial CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy, Mendelson asks the daily deals company to join its Chicago-based competitor Groupon and drop deals that involve both alcohol and guns. (Washington City Paper [...]

Gray Fine With Higher Taxes, Just Not for Techies

It's tough to find a coherent theme in Mayor Vince Gray's tax policy. Last year, he pushed for an increase on the marginal income tax rates of higher earners over the objections of critics like Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who said the District's taxes are already too high and even higher taxes would encourage rich [...]

Council Gaga for LivingSocial


How embarrassing would it be if the District's biggest homegrown tech company hopped over to Virginia or moved to some other more  "business friendly" locale? We'll probably never know, as the D.C. Council just gave preliminary approval to granting online couponer LivingSocial $32.5 million worth of tax breaks.
At a legislative session this morning, councilmembers were [...]