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Phil Mendelson’s Long Road to a Veto Override

Mayor Vince Gray's veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act today means the next step of the saga over the Walmart bill belongs to Phil Mendelson. The chairman needs a two-thirds vote of the D.C. Council to override the mayor's veto, which he's put on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting.
Eight members have already voted for the bill, which [...]

Living-Wage Bill Backers Make Final Push for Mayor’s Signature

With Mayor Vince Gray expected to receive the Large Retailer Accountability Act for a signature or veto by the end of the week, supporters of the bill rallied last night at Ward 7's Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church. Gray says he hasn't made up his mind on the bill yet, although statements from Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins and threats [...]

Listen to the AFL-CIO’s Robocall on the Living Wage Bill

D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson says he'll finally send the Large Retailer Accountability Act—otherwise known as the Walmart bill—to Mayor Vince Gray for a signature or veto on Friday. If Mendelson does send it Friday, it'll be transmitted 51 days after the D.C. Council passed it.
Meanwhile, Walmart isn't the only side of the debate that's [...]

Gray Accuses Mendelson of Sitting on Living Wage Bill

It's been 21 days since the D.C. Council passed the Large Retailer Accountability Act, but Mayor Vince Gray still hasn't received the bill. Until he gets it, the countdown of how long he has to veto it remains stuck at 10 business days. How hard is it to transfer a bill between two people who [...]

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Vincent Orange's staff refers questions about his consulting deal with a Northeast produce store to U.S. Attorney's Office. [Post]
Anthony Williams wants a living wage veto. [Post]
Six people shot Friday night and Saturday morning. [NBC 4]
Talk radio hosts ask Orange why he doesn't pay his campaign [...]

Walmart Polls on the Living Wage Bill

Despite voting on the Large Retail Accountability Act nearly a week ago, the D.C. Council still hasn't sent the legislation—otherwise known as the Walmart bill—to Mayor Vince Gray. When he does get it, though, expect Walmart to release a new poll showing that D.C. residents want the chain.
Steven Restivo, a spokesman for the retailer, tells LL [...]