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Potential Ward 8 Candidate Releases New Song

Ward 8's Larry Pretlow, who is considering a run against Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry in next year's election, has a new song out.
Pretlow, who nom de rap is LaPret, writes colleague Rend Smith asking for help in setting the record straight and drawing "the line between LaPret, the rapper and Larry T. Pretlow [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Gray Courts The Waltons Edition

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Wemple is Watching You, Commenters.

Good morning sweet readers! If watching videos of lion cubs learning to swim isn't [...]

Now It’s Campaign Season: N-Word Flies in ANC Race

In the District, even a race for the often thankless post of neighborhood commissioner can get ridiculously ugly. Take the race for ANC 8C03, where longtime incumbent Mary Cuthbert, who is African American, seems to have called African American challenger Larry Pretlow the N-word. Have trouble picturing it? There's video.
Pretlow, a 21-year-old [...]