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Lone Candidate Actually Likes New Gun Ruling

District pols can argue about this soccer stadium or that housing scandal, but there's one thing they all seem to agree on: opposition to the Saturday court ruling that, until a stay issued this afternoon, allowed anyone with a registered gun to pack heat in the District.
Democratic mayoral hopeful Muriel Bowser sent out a press release denouncing the ruling Sunday, while mayoral [...]

Republicans Field Former Justice Department Lawyer for Council Chairman

The Republican field for November's D.C. Council races has doubled in size today—from one candidate, to two! D.C. GOP executive Robert Turner told the D.C. Board of Elections this morning that former Department of Justice lawyer Kris Hammond has been selected by the party to run against incumbent Democrat Phil Mendelson for Council chairman.
In an ominous sign for Hammond's chances, Republicans are only able to [...]

Attorney Enters, Then Quickly Leaves, GOP Mayoral Race

In November, the District will have the closest thing to a competitive mayoral general election in 20 years. While independent candidates David Catania and Carol Schwartz working to make the ballot, though, the D.C. Republican Party—the District's second-largest party in terms of registration—is nowhere to be found.
The party didn't have any primary candidates in April, and four-time Republican mayoral hopeful Carol Schwartz wouldn't [...]