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Yvette Alexander Endorses Robert White in At-Large Race

One more councilmember wants to see Robert White on the D.C. Council dais in January. After landing Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie's endorsement in July, at-large Council hopeful White will be endorsed by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, LL has learned.
The endorsement from Alexander, who toyed with her own bid for the seat, should help White stand out against the 12 [...]

Kenyan McDuffie Endorses Robert White in At-Large Race

The size of the D.C. Council at-large field hasn't stopped Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie from making his pick. McDuffie tells LL that he plans to endorse Robert White to fill the seat.
McDuffie says he's impressed with White's Council effort, which launched months ahead of his rivals for the minority-party position that David Catania is giving up to run for mayor. "I think [...]

Kenyan McDuffie, D.C.’s Next Next Mayor?

Kenyan McDuffie found a lot wrong in his ward last Saturday. Empty bottles of Corona and Christian Brothers brandy lined Bladensburg Road NE, while the auto mechanics on the street topped their fences with razor-wire that dangled low enough to catch a passerby.
Fumes wafting from one auto-body shop made the whole block smell like a [...]

Council Blocks Plan to Change How Inspector Generals Get Picked

The District's mediocre inspector general is headed for the door later this month when his term expires, which in another city would mean it'd be a time for a national search to replace him. Thanks to District law, though, Vince Gray's administration will only be able to pick someone who already works in the D.C. area. [...]

Here’s Who Won Yesterday’s Elections

The Board of Elections has (finally) finished counting most of the votes from yesterday's primary elections, though special and absentee ballots are still being added to the totals. Here's who won which Democratic nominations:

Mayor: Muriel Bowser
D.C. Council At-Large: Anita Bonds
D.C. Council chair: Phil Mendelson
Ward 1 D.C. Council: Brianne Nadeau
Ward 3 D.C. Council: Mary Cheh
Ward 5 D.C. Council: Kenyan McDuffie
Ward [...]

Morning Links

Michael Brown admits he received $100,000 off-the-books help from man resembling Jeff Thompson. [LL, Times, Post]
No attorney general race for the April ballot [LL, Post, Times]
Soap magnate puts $20,000 into D.C. pot legalization [WAMU]
Spike in homelessness puts Vince Gray in a tough spot [Post]
Gray defends Andy Shallal's honor. [LL]
Mayoral power rankings return. [LL]
Cyclists want a better bike trail in Rock Creek. [WAMU]
Third-party [...]

January Campaign Finance Reports: Everyone Else

The January campaign finance shed light on campaign financial details  beyond the mayor's race. Incumbent Jim Graham managed to outraise sole opponent Brianne Nadeau in Ward 1, but still lagged behind her in cash on hand.
In Ward 6, meanwhile, ex-Harry Reid staffer Darrel Thompson took in the most money while, like Graham, he lagged behind rival Charles Allen in reserves.
Ward 1
Jim Graham
Raised: [...]

Morning Links

Muriel Bowser goes east of the river. [LL]
Marion Barry gets out of the hospital. [LL, Post]
Kenyan McDuffie and a disco ball kick off his campaign. [Post]
The Post poll could have underestimated support for the D.C. United stadium. [Housing Complex]
Crack is whack, D.C. [WAMU]
$8 billion in development predicted on streetcar lines. [Post]
Christian Carter's mayoral campaign is over. For real this time. [LL]
CSX [...]

December Finance Reports: Everyone Else

After covering the latest mayoral campaign filings yesterday, LL has written up the best and worst of the down-ballot races. Below, some challengers for At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds, some Capitol Hill help for Ward 6 challenger Darrel Thompson, and the infinite wallet of Pete Ross.
Anita Bonds
Raised: $17,785. Spent: $0. Cash on hand:  $19,185.
Bonds' contributors included controversial halfway house Hope [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray announces $187 million for affordable housing. [Housing Complex, Post]
WCP's People Issue is here! Featuring taxi commish Ron Linton and councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie and David Grosso. [WCP]
Ron Machen won't be rushed. [LL, Post]
Fire department could encrypt some transmissions. [LL, Post, WAMU]
Gray says planning commission's rejection of Height Act changes was "disappointing." [WBJ]
D.C. still wants some control over building height. [Housing Complex]
Prosecutors want company [...]